Diary Project Moved!

I’ve dedicated a new site to my great-grandfather’s diary: arrowheadsupthehill.net. Would love to see you all there! Here’s the About: Thanks for stopping by. Half of one of my bookshelves is taken up by journals written three-quarters of a century ago by my great-grandfather, Jesse Brewer. He writes about daily life in a small MassachusettsContinue reading “Diary Project Moved!”

January 2 Saturday, 1943

(Note from my mom: “Actually, they would be the diaries of your great-grandfather.  It gets very confusing with the names. Jesse Brewer’s father was David Brewer, Jesse named his first son David. David Brewer named his first son Jesse. Phew! David Brewer came to America to set up a game preserve for Eben Jordan inContinue reading “January 2 Saturday, 1943”

January 1 Friday, 1943

(A journal entry from this day in 1943 by my great-uncle, Jesse Brewer.) [Italics indicate deciphering issues. All structure, grammar, and verbiage is as close as I can tell.] (edited to add my mom’s notes: “Bud would be Aunt Jessie’s husband..Pic was the nickname of my mom, your grandmother..Eric would have been 1 yr old,Continue reading “January 1 Friday, 1943”

I have been cold forever and there is no end in sight.

The last time I felt warm was in August. I was sitting on the porch, in the shade, the cats in asymmetrical puddles at my feet, and we were all simply oppressed by the heat. We were dying of it. We were melting. And we didn’t even appreciate it. Since then, I’ve been cold. MyContinue reading “I have been cold forever and there is no end in sight.”