Wintry Mix

I have a love/hate relationship with snow days. Yes, it’s nice to get a break from the morning rush, the forgotten karate bag, the school drop-off line. It’s nice to have the time to do the breakfast dishes before dinner dishes are created. It’s nice to have a third cup of coffee at my kitchen table. And it’s sweet to see the lit-up faces of my offspring as they realize there’s no need to panic even though they slept until 9.

But… just because school is closed doesn’t mean my own work is suspended until tomorrow. I still have stuff to write, calls to make, pages and pages awaiting my edits. There are still countless tiny decisions needing my attention. And attention is one thing that does not spring eternal. Well, attention, money, and the ability to eat cookies without gaining weight. None of those things spring eternal. Does anything spring eternal? Why do we even HAVE THAT PHRASE?

Huh. The snow day might be getting in my head.

This morning, I made a few Big Plans. I’d clean the parts of the living room I need to clean in order to fit the new piano that’s coming Monday. I’d finally make that doctor’s appointment. I’d call the dentist about my suspicion that I’m missing a filling. I’d make soup! And of course, I’d complete an eight-hour work day.

I have accomplished none of those things.

I know! You’re thinking, “Close the laptop, woman! Get your shit done!”

But another thing on my list? Updating this blog. And look at me, making it happen. Go me. Wahoo.

The other think about snow days is this image I have in my head of curling up on my couch with B’s red afghan, a cup of tea, a cat, two dogs, and my book (right now I’m reading History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund and, oh, people, go read it, right now) but that is nothing close to my reality. So I can get a little cranky.

But also, I’m not trying to scramble for child care so I can get to a job that is unforgiving toward employees who have children. I’m not trying to juggle a baby, a phone, and a pen in a mad effort to make a deadline (not today, anyway). There’s food in the house. If I actually get to the point of making soup, there’s stuff here to put in the soup.

There’s me, practicing gratitude.

Hope you are all having one of those days that makes you happy.

Published by andi

Writer, editor, wrangler of small boys and dogs.

2 thoughts on “Wintry Mix

  1. We’re having endless rain in place of snow! No fun. Today I did not go to the gym and I did eat three cheese enchiladas for lunch. This made me happy in the “fat and happy” sense. Also I put down a deposit at a bowling alley for a kid bday party. But I wish we had snow instead…

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