Andi Diehn graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing from Vermont College, relied on a freelance writing career when her children were young and childcare was expensive, and now works as a children’s book editor and marketer at Nomad Press. She has written eleven nonfiction books for the educational market, and her fictional picture book on mental illness, MAMA’S DAYS, is forthcoming this year from Reycraft Books. She has six more nonfiction picture books scheduled to release over the next two years.

Andi also works as a bookseller at her local indie in rural New Hampshire, where she lives with her husband, three sons, and lots of pets.

Things I love:

The sound a hot pan makes when splashed with cold water


Financial security (that’s why I’m a writer. Bwhahahahaha!)

Winter beach

Eating together with family and friends

Sleeping toddlers

Reading on a blanket in a field

Old photographs of people caught in a moment of silliness

The color grey

Turning a skein of yarn into a ball of yarn

Dogs. All the dogs.

Also all the cats.

When friends visit the bookstore and pick out books for each other

Cake. All the cake.

Arlo loves to sit on sunny stairs.
I work in an office-under-the-stairs….


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