January 2 Saturday, 1943

(Note from my mom: “Actually, they would be the diaries of your great-grandfather.  It gets very confusing with the names. Jesse Brewer’s father was David Brewer, Jesse named his first son David. David Brewer named his first son Jesse. Phew! David Brewer came to America to set up a game preserve for Eben Jordan in Chiltonville, near Forges Pond.”)


ToDay is the Birthday of 8:00 Fuller Hammond

Check from Fuller Hammond for the amount of $8.00

Mr. Hornblower told me to close up the house after they go back this time. Walked over to town and bought a pair of work pants and a pair of overalls.

Walked back to Fremont at to see how Bob Lee was, he just had his nose operated on. He was out gone up town to see the Dr.

Walked up as far as Cobb’s Hollow and Louise swift gave me a ride the rest of the way home.

She said her brother got back home today. he was discharged from the Army on account of his heart.

Work pants $3.50

Overalls $1.39

Weather fair, South West wind, rather cold.

Bob called me up to tell me how his nose is coming along. He will be out of work for another 10 days.



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6 thoughts on “January 2 Saturday, 1943

      1. I have several volumes, all the way to… I think 1949? There are more, but I’m not sure I can get access to them. I think these landed with me because I’m a writer and was voted most likely to take them off the bookshelf once in a while and blow the dust away. Posting the entries seems like a good way to validate my family’s confidence…

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