Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

You know what I love? Books. And dogs, my family, snow days, beaches in winter, and my job. I’m a writer and editor, and mostly I work with kids’ books. Kids’ books are one of my favorite things in the world.

I edit and do some marketing for Nomad Press, publisher of nonfiction children’s books. Since March 2020 (hmmm, wonder why?), I’ve worked from home, which my dogs love. The cats, not so much. 

In fall of 2021, I realized I needed to talk to more people that just the ones I’m related to, so I got a job at my local indie, the Norwich Bookstore. A couple days a week I take off my slippers, put on shoes, and have delightful conversations with other people who love books, and that’s turned out to be the best thing I’ve done for my mental health all year.

I also ghostwrite romantic comedies, which is really just an excuse to watch a lot of feel-good movies in the interest of “research.”

I’m working on several picture books, plus a middle grade horror novel. 

Oh, knitting! I took up knitting a year ago so I wouldn’t scroll through my phone while I watched those research movies and now I can’t stop!

More about me: I have three sons, a husband, three dogs, two cats, two parakeets, a bearded dragon, two ducks, and 20 chickens (give or take, depending on the season). We live on a dirt road in the wilds of New Hampshire where most of our neighbors are deer. I love running the dirt roads around my house, meeting friends by the lake to knit together in the sun, and growing vegetables. Which the chickens and ducks usually eat before I can pick.

I’m represented by Rachel Orr at Prospect Agency.