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You know what I love? Books. And dogs, my family, snow days, beaches in winter, and my job. I’m a writer and editor, and mostly I work with kids’ books. Kids’ books are one of my favorite things in the world.

Check out my latest books from Nomad Press. These are nonfiction Picture Book Biographies that explore the lives of four women who made great strides in their fields. Great for use in classrooms, homeschools, and libraries – every book includes a hands-on activity to engage those learning minds.

All four books are illustrated by illustrator extraordinaire, Katie Mazeika!





Looking for more STEM books for the preschoolers? These nonfiction picture books that teach kids about physical science while having fun playing with words! The Picture Book Science series is a fantastic way to introduce kids ages 5 to 8 to the amazing world of science! All four of these are illustrated by Shululu!