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Everyone Can Science!
I didn’t really like studying science until I was an adult. I far preferred mystery books, science fiction, fantasy – never nonfiction! Then I got a job as an editor of children’s nonfiction books and realized that I loved learning about why magnets work, what makes it possible to turn on electric lights, and why my son and I have the same kind of hair (genetics!).

Program includes reading aloud one of my Picture Book Science books, discussing the science in the book, and a simple science experiment demonstration. If there’s time, we’ll read a Picture Book Biography about a female scientist, Q&A session, students are invited to sign my lab coat.

How To Be a Writer!
Age-appropriate discussions about research, first drafts, revision, character building, and language choices

I Feel Like a Chilly Elephant – Talk about your feelings with similes and metaphors
Emotions can be hard! Sometimes it helps to make up a story to describe them. Program includes a read aloud of MAMA’S DAYS and a discussion of the dragon in the story and how the dragon helped the little girl better understand mother’s emotions. Discuss some examples of similes and metaphors we can use when we’re angry/worried/excited/comfortable/sad/ect. Breathing exercise for calming.

Please contact me for more information about scheduling and fees.

Keep in mind I offer six FREE 15-minute virtual visits every year.

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