School Visits

Backwards pony? Or backwards rider?

I love doing classroom visits! Programs are suitable for ages PreK to Fifth grade and can last from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on ages and interest.

Everyone Can Write Science!
What makes a good scientist? Curiosity, persistence, and sharing! Same things that make a good writer!

This program includes a read-aloud one of my Picture Book Science books, a slideshow about how I grew from a kid who only liked fiction to someone who writes science books for kids, and a discussion of the science in the book. If there’s time, we’ll also read a Picture Book Biography about a female scientist and have a Q&A session.

How To Be a Writer!
What makes a good writer? A noticing habit, playfulness, and creativity!

This program includes age-appropriate discussions about research, first drafts, revision, character building, and language choices.

Sharing and Caring Storytime

This program includes a read aloud of MAMA’S DAYS, a story about a young girl who tells herself a fairy tale about a dragon to better understand her Mama’s moods. We’ll do some yoga poses and breathing exercises that help us feel calmer, and we’ll draw a picture card to give to someone you know who is feeling sad. This half-hour story time will inspire empathy, understanding, and community through stories and caring.

Speaking Fees

Keep in mind I offer six FREE 15-minute virtual visits every year.

Teachers and librarians: If my fees present an insurmountable obstacle, please contact me so we can work out a solution. Thanks!

In person:
Classroom visit, 30-45 minutes: $250. $125 for each additional classroom visit, up to four per day (note: travel fees may apply for schools beyond 50 miles of Hanover, NH region)

School Presentation (50-100 students), 30-45 minutes: $1000

Virtual, 20-30 minutes: $150 for one class (up to 30 students); $50 for each additional class

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