January 3 Sunday, 1943

(Must admit, that last written line gave me pause…)

(Also, every page has a quote at the bottom, printed as part of the book. Did he read these and find inspiration/solace/intent? Who knows?)


ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Fair and clear wind SoW by W.

Went up on the hill and did some chores

Walder came in and I showed him some specimens of soapstone pottery so he could recognize any specimens if he found them. I rode over to town with him and got a couple of papers.

We stopped in a few minutes and saw Bob Lee. on the way home we stopped at Stephens Field and looked Walder’s boat over. Saw Cap’t Morton there.

Ealoner worked a half day. She went bowling last night.

Percy Finney came over last night and beat me at cribbage.

Mr. McTane was in here tonight, he is after money to paint the church.

This book is not a newspaper but a private book, mind your own business.

[“Philosophy is the art of living.” Plutarch]

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Writer, editor, wrangler of small boys and dogs.

5 thoughts on “January 3 Sunday, 1943

  1. Where did he live, Andi? I wonder what the soapstone pottery looked like -this is so interesting . I love the “this is not a newspaper “ wonder who that was meant for?

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