How To Make the Most of Your Writing Retreat in Maine

We are nearing the end. Soon we will have to bid farewell to wide plank floorboards, the leaky kitchen sink, the view of lounge chairs in the sun (on which we do not sit becuase we are writers writing), the quiet, the peace, the stillness. But I am not leaving empty handed. And while it’sContinue reading “How To Make the Most of Your Writing Retreat in Maine”

Trying to Inspire

I write and edit children’s nonfiction books and I’ve been wondering lately–am I, are we, so focused on functionality that we’re missing the chance to inspire? Most of the conversations around the office have to do with how to make our books easy for teachers to use “right out of the box.” We provide essentialContinue reading “Trying to Inspire”

Lazy Saturdays look great on paper.

Yesterday I realized that, despite a broken dryer, several blank tax forms, and three music lessons, our Saturday was basically empty. One long stretch of nothing lay ahead for us to fill however we wanted. This hasn’t been the case in a very long time. Usually there are birthday parties, concerts, visitors, previous engagements–all ofContinue reading “Lazy Saturdays look great on paper.”

Happy Birthday to me. And to Rebecca, and to Barbara Kingsolver.

“High tide! Time to move out into the glorious debris. Time to take this life for what it is!” -Barbara Kingsolver It’s raining today, and cold, and birthdays are great. Even this one, which is mostly marked by leaving work to pick a sick boy up from school. Luckily, he’s not that sick. And aContinue reading “Happy Birthday to me. And to Rebecca, and to Barbara Kingsolver.”

Sunday Afternoon and Life Is the Opposite of Malaise

We aren’t an active family. I mean, we do stuff. Just not a lot of stuff. Sometimes it feels like a lot of stuff. But usually it feels that way because it’s a lot of stuff at the same time. But today, oh, today. Today is…fine. It isn’t great, it isn’t bad, it’s just aContinue reading “Sunday Afternoon and Life Is the Opposite of Malaise”