Happy Birthday to me. And to Rebecca, and to Barbara Kingsolver.

“High tide! Time to move out into the glorious debris. Time to take this life for what it is!” -Barbara Kingsolver It’s raining today, and cold, and birthdays are great. Even this one, which is mostly marked by leaving work to pick a sick boy up from school. Luckily, he’s not that sick. And aContinue reading “Happy Birthday to me. And to Rebecca, and to Barbara Kingsolver.”

Sunday Afternoon and Life Is the Opposite of Malaise

We aren’t an active family. I mean, we do stuff. Just not a lot of stuff. Sometimes it feels like a lot of stuff. But usually it feels that way because it’s a lot of stuff at the same time. But today, oh, today. Today is…fine. It isn’t great, it isn’t bad, it’s just aContinue reading “Sunday Afternoon and Life Is the Opposite of Malaise”

What to do with all this money?

This is a problem I’ve never really had. Yesterday I went on a school field trip with my oldest son, and the ride home took two hours longer than usual for a total of four hours on a shrill, cramped, steamy school bus. (Oh, how I appreciate my own particular kids after spending the dayContinue reading “What to do with all this money?”

Stealing Time: Fortnight of Flash

  We make the hike up the mountain to find the Fort. Walls built from sticks and string, a fire pit alive with someone else’s fire. We marvel. The boys succumb to ancient rhythms of stick swinging and destruction. We warn them: someone else built this place. It is not ours to destroy even just a little.Continue reading “Stealing Time: Fortnight of Flash”