The first weekend of winter arrives early and has nothing to do with snow.

I am a winter kind of person. I don’t ski, I don’t snowboard, and I fail every year to get my snow tires applied before the snow falls, but still–winter is grand. I love the whole being indoors thing. I love the need for sweaters and wool socks and fires in the fireplace. I loveContinue reading “The first weekend of winter arrives early and has nothing to do with snow.”

Shakespeare’s Skull: A Historical Whodunit

I might have mentioned, I’m writing a book on Shakespeare and his plays and how they influence today’s world. Weirdly enough, it’s called Shakespeare: Investigate the Bard’s Influence on Today’s World.¬† This is the third (published) book I’ve written, and it’s my favorite. My research process is reading great books and watching great movies, soContinue reading “Shakespeare’s Skull: A Historical Whodunit”

My kid hates to read and the world isn’t ending.

My middle son hates to read. He’s 11. He likes playing guitar, listening to music, skateboarding, building stuff, and being with friends. He’s not the kind of kid who sits quietly for extending periods of time. He gets decent grades and we never get notes home from teachers with any kind of warnings. He’s aContinue reading “My kid hates to read and the world isn’t ending.”

How to blame suckyness on others

  Does reading bad writing make you a bad writer? I remember an advisor from grad school wrinkling her nose and looking dismissive when asked this question. “How could it?” she said. “If you’re a good writer, you’re a good writer. Reading bad writing can’t make you a bad writer, unless you were a badContinue reading “How to blame suckyness on others”

In the beginning, there was market research…

We’re thinking hard about starting a new series at Nomad Press. We’re pondering, we’re testing the water, we’re gathering evidence of future success or failure. We’re nervous. We’re hesitant. Until we’re not, and then we’re boisterous and foolhardy. Of course we can launch a new series in the space of six months! Of course everyoneContinue reading “In the beginning, there was market research…”

The Day After the Day After Christmas

The year is dwindling. These days are my favorite days, and they’re also the most depressive. I don’t know about you, but every day or so, usually when I’m driving or folding laundry, I glance back on the divided hours of the past year and discover a pie chart I don’t much admire. Quite aContinue reading “The Day After the Day After Christmas”

Trying to Inspire

I write and edit children’s nonfiction books and I’ve been wondering lately–am I, are we, so focused on functionality that we’re missing the chance to inspire? Most of the conversations around the office have to do with how to make our books easy for teachers to use “right out of the box.” We provide essentialContinue reading “Trying to Inspire”

Lazy Saturdays look great on paper.

Yesterday I realized that, despite a broken dryer, several blank tax forms, and three music lessons, our Saturday was basically empty. One long stretch of nothing lay ahead for us to fill however we wanted. This hasn’t been the case in a very long time. Usually there are birthday parties, concerts, visitors, previous engagements–all ofContinue reading “Lazy Saturdays look great on paper.”