Kicking the Ass of the New Year

I used to love swimming, and then I didn’t. We’d go the beach and I’d be happy on the sand, maybe wade up to my thighs. I rarely even took off the sundress slipped over my bathing suit (or, more usually, the yoga top paired with skirted bikini bottoms). Was it a body image thing?… Continue reading Kicking the Ass of the New Year


What to do with all this money?

This is a problem I've never really had. Yesterday I went on a school field trip with my oldest son, and the ride home took two hours longer than usual for a total of four hours on a shrill, cramped, steamy school bus. (Oh, how I appreciate my own particular kids after spending the day… Continue reading What to do with all this money?



Here's a short story I wrote. Actually it's the first chapter of a novel I've given up on. It was previously published on an online literary site I should've researched more thoroughly before submitting to. Mute Twenty years later, Samantha wouldn't remember his face. She wouldn't remember the slight cleft in his upper lip, or… Continue reading Mute